David L. Weck

  1. Unless indicated otherwise (i.e. LV), ring all note values using correct damping technique.
  1. Make sure ALL bell changes are done accurately, in tempo, with clean damping and maintaining the rhythmic flow of the music.
  1. In massed ringing it is VERY important to be prepared to WATCH the conductor for ALL rit. and a tempos.
  1. It would be wise to check ALL tempo indications with a metronome.
  1. Please observe all cresc. And decresc.
  1. All ringers’ eyes must be on the conductor 90% of the time – (Would you believe 50%) KNOW YOUR MUSIC.
  1. Musicianship is the most important element in handbell ringing, Ring musically and remember you are part of an ensemble working together toward a musical goal.
  1. ENJOY!

Majestic Alleluia

  • Be sure you have marked all bell changes
  • Have ms 33-49 well rehearsed (Accidentals)

Prayer for the Innocents

  • Keep the Molto Espressivo indication in mind through the piece
  • Be sure to check all tempo changes and bell changes – there are many!

I’ve Got Peace Like a River

  • Always bring out the melody
  • ms 9 – plus sign indicates use of mallet with the bell in hand
  • P5 performance suggestion is important!

Fantasia on Old Hundreth

  • ms 1-12, 21-24, 67-80, 89-95 observe accents
  • ms 6 & 7 B Naturals
  • ms 79 & 80 watch out for the E flats

Nocture in C Minor

  • Do not rush the Tempo
  • We will work for musical phrases
  • ms 6 beat 3 – add LV
  • ms 76 beat 3 add a rit with a tempo at ms 77